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3 Brutally Honest Parenting Reminders

As parents most often it seems to slip our minds that children are little humans with emotions, thoughtfulness and dreams. Yet, they really are, and they look up to us to help them in their journey. This article, though not exhaustive, is a brief reminder about who they are and how they view life. So, lets get to it shall we:)


You are their foundation and they'll soak in everything they see and hear. Sorry, that's just the way it is. Their training in your home will form the foundation on which their lives will be built on. Hey, and you won't get paid for all the hair pulling, detailed, sleepless and joyful moments you experience with them as they grow up. But, it'll always be worth it when you see how beautifully they emerge as teenagers and adults. They see the world through your eyes.


They can only feed from what they are dished. Dish them beauty, they turn out beautifully. Everything they see, hear and experience with you is stored in their subconscious, and it forms the foundation of their character and disposition to life.


"They see the world through your eyes."



All humans crave independence. Children are no different... remember when your little one took their first step? Did they stop trying? No! They kept trying to push again their once constrained mobility: they discovered they could walk like you and go into places like you. They are always looking for ways to do things for themselves and in most cases for others. This craving is human; parents can very often remind their little ones that there are rules in the home that help shape their everyday transactions in life. These rules form their 'responsible' self. Parents, its our job to teach them responsible living. What home rules do you have set in your home?

Our little people deserve the best from us and it'll be great to remember what they have today is a majorly what we gave them.

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A good reminder.. though we forget atimes:)

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