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  • How do I open a BCW account?
    You can get your BCW account here. A BCW account makes it easy for you to; Checkout quickly Store your download links Save time... if you've got a wishlist
  • How do I download my design?
    Once your payment is approved, you'll be redirected back to our website where you'll see a 'Thank You' message as well as the'Download' section; you'll find the link(s) to download your digital poster in this section.
  • What is the BCW E-Gift Card?
    Birthdays, interior design gifts, Office decor, room decor, lounge beautification, and more! We have you covered. Get an e-gift card for a friend or simply have one you can use on the fly. Giving a Gift card is an excellent way to have people choose the designs they LOVE to bits! You can't go wrong with an e-gift card. It can be used at checkout using the personalised code you'll recieve via email once you purchse it. Get your E-Gift Card here.
  • I have an E-Gift Card. How do I use it at 'Checkout'?
    When you have picked out all the designs you want, and you have successfully added them to your cart, there is an option to add your e-Gift Card code. Shown below (you can find your code on the E-Gift email that you recieved;
  • What is the quality of the BCW designs?
    We use 300dpi. Which is the highest and global standard for poster designs. There won't be any pixellation as long as you use the design appropraitely.
    We are a digital download platform. Once a product is purchased, you can't return it, because automatically, you'll have access to it in your account and via email. We operate a 'No' return, refund, exchange policy.

Customize a Poster/Picture

Choose the design from our collection, copy and paste the SKU number, you can also paste the product URL in the 'Design Details' box below and tell us the dimensions in 'millimeter or Inches' you'd want us to customize it to. Once you submit your form below, check your email (check your spam/junk mail also) for an automated email from us. Customized designs are delivered between 24-72 hours after payment is confirmed.


Thanks for submitting your customizable request.  If you included the poster design link you'd like us to customize for you, with the dimensions you want, we will get back to you within 24 hours. Kindly remember that once your invoice is paid, it'll take 24-72 hours to get your customized design to you. 

Once again, thanks for using Beautifully Curated World, Africa's #1 Downloadable Poster World! We love and appreciate you.

Minimalist Art Posters, Wall Art, Definition Prints, Motivational Quotes, Black and White Print.

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